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mark baxter

Factory Manager


Factory Manager

Mark has over 40 years’ experience in the sheet metal trade. He has been learning the trade since 16 years of age and has been a loyal employee of Mulgrave for over 15 years.

Mark manages all the Sheetmetal cladding prefabrication used for all of Mulgrave’s Victorian projects. He predominantly works with galvanised steel but also works with Stainless-steel, Colourbond and aluminium depending on the project requirements.

Mark oversees multiple projects daily and being in charge of running the Factory, Mark is responsible for various other duties including the management of incoming and outgoing deliveries, orders, and supplies. He liaises with suppliers and site managers to ensure our projects have what they need for smooth running projects.

Being a skilled professional in the trade he also aids in the training of our Sheetmetal apprentices to help them expand on their knowledge and to ensure they are trained to our high standard.


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