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project OVERVIEW


New South Wales - Martin Place Station located in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney CBD


2021 - 2022

metro martin place station

The new Sydney Metro Martin Place integrated station development includes the new Martin Place Station, two new buildings above the station as well as new underground pedestrian connections and improvements to the public domain.

Delivering for our key stakeholders was our main objective when working on the project and delivering within a timeline, this included ensuring the project is delivered on time and ensuring we're well coordinated with other trades and documentation requirements are up to date. Being that the works were underground we were required to manage frequent deliveries as storage underground was limited. Due to these storage limitations and as time management was our biggest consideration for the smooth running of this project we were continually communicating with all other stakeholders and ensuring our working progress was updated throughout the project and signoff at each stage was imperative to aiding communication between trades. 

Mulgrave supplied and installed pipe and duct insulation including metal sheathing of pipework as part of the project. 


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