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project OVERVIEW


Victoria - Monash University Clayton campus in Melbourne’s south east


2019 - 2022

victorian heart hospital

The Victorian Heart Hospital will be Australia’s first state-of-the-art, specialist cardiac hospital.

For the project duration we have worked collaboratively with the client to ensure the completion of this project meets the projected timeline. In order for us to achieve this, the prefabricated modules were completed off site including insulation and cladding that included pipe rise, duct risers, pump skids, floor pipework among many others initiatives to increase productivity on site, reduce risk and improve quality.

Mulgrave Insulation contributed an approximate 35,000m2 of duct insulation, over 2000m2 of fire rating and a massive 25,000 linear meters of pipe insulation to the project.

We are proud to have worked on a project that's environmental impact will also be minimised by utilising the natural climate conditions to enable resilient and our contribution to it's energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, whilst also lowering the building’s carbon footprint through using locally sourced materials.

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